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///Self tapping screws
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Self tapping screws/small self tapping screws

Self tapping screws(tapping screws) are screws with full hard sharp threads, which could cut through thin sheet metal and create their own mating threads without deforming their own thread. A self tapping screw is also named sheet metal screw,which could hold sheet metal firmly to substance like steel,wood,fiberglass or other materials.

S-metal manufactures self tapping screw for steel and stainless steel self tapping screws with 304,316,410 etc. for your choice.

Head types:
Flat head(countersunk) self tapping screw.                                                      Oval head self tapping screw.
Pan head self tapping screw.                                                                              Cheese head self tapping screw.
Hexagon head tapping screw.