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Type of screws

Yiwu S-Metals Hardware Company is a leading screws supplier, specializing in a diverse range of products to suit various applications. Our extensive line includes screws tailored for wood connections, such as wood screws and chipboard screws, as well as deck screws designed for sturdy deck board joining. Additionally, we provide self-tapping screws and self-drilling screws ideal for fastening sheet metal or steel studs with ease. For everyday needs, our inventory includes small-sized screws like machine screws, which find utility across numerous daily tasks.

At S-Metals, we pride ourselves on offering screws in a comprehensive range of sizes to meet the demands of different projects. Metric sizes range from M1.6 to M10, and inch sizes range from 1/6″ to 1/2″. As a screws supplier we prioritize our commitment to quality and precision, reach out to us know by email or hit a call by +86-18668264963.