Phillips flat head self tapping screw

//Phillips flat head self tapping screw
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Project Description

Phillips Flat Head Self Tapping Screws

Phillips flat head self tapping screws (sheet metal screws) are used where finished surfaces require a flush fastening unit, with an 90° angle countersunk head offers good centering possibilities. Phillips drive is designed to cause cam out at a certain point to prevent over-tightening.

Standards:ISO7050/DIN7982 ASME B18.6.3
*Carbon steel C1018-1022, alloy steel,harden.
*Stainless steel SUS201, SUS304(18-8), SUS316 and SUS410 etc .
Surface treatment:
*Zinc Galvanized/H.D.G/Decromet etc.
* Plain with passivation.
Surface hardness:
The minimum surface hardness after heat treatment shall be 450HV for steel.
Core hardness:
The core hardness shall be 270HV-370HV for steel.
Apply to 0.015″ to 0.05″ thickness sheet metal fastening to metal,wood, plastic,fiberglass etc. material.

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DIN7982phillips flat head self tapping screw

Dimension in mm.

thread d P dk k Driver #
max min
ST2.2 0.8 4.3 4 1.3 1
ST2.9 1.1 5.5 5.2 1.7
ST3.5 1.3 6.8 6.44 2.1 2
ST3.9 1.3 7.5 7.14 2.3
ST4.2 1.4 8.1 7.74 2.5
ST4.8 1.6 9.5 9.14 3
ST5.5 1.8 10.8 10.37 3.4 3
ST6.3 1.8 12.4 11.97 3.8

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